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August 26, 2010

Hello!  Thanks for visiting the Renewed Pilot Blog.

As pilots, we are constantly renewing.   Every six to twelve months, we must renew our medical certificate.  Flight instructor certificates must be renewed every twenty four months.  Professional pilots attend recurrent training every year.  You’ll get about seven years out of a passport.  Just about everything on the airplane needs to be inspected after a certain number of months.  You name it… if it’s involved with aviation, it needs to be renewed.

So, what happens when a pilot’s whole career needs renewal?  Things start out really well, then absolutely flop?  Not once, but, twice?  Should I give up the career?  Or, start it on a path of renewal?

Starting over at another airline means starting at the bottom.  Minimum pay, and no seniority.  A CEO at one company would never be given a “mail room” job at another corporation.  But, that’s exactly what happens to a pilot.  I said I would never start over again.  Well, as I should have learned a long time ago, never say never.  Soon, I start all over again as an Airbus A320 First Officer with Virgin America Airlines.

At this point in my career, I would not accept employment with another “legacy” carrier.  I have no interest in staying at the bottom of another seniority list.  Virgin America seems to be different.  They plan to grow and treat their employees very, very well.  When I went to San Francisco for the interview, they impressed me.  So, why not? My career could use some serious renewal.

Throughout the next week, I will take you through my aviation career up until this point.  Then, I intend to bring you along as I experience new hire training at Virgin America Airlines.  I will detail the indoctrination and simulator training.  Then, I will bring you along on my initial flights and into my first year of employment.

Whether you are a seasoned aviation professional, college student, or just plain interested in aviation, please feel free to enjoy and comment on the adventure!

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Renewed Pilot

I've endured a roller coaster career in the U.S. Aviation Industry. Currently flying the 737 on my third try with the same legacy carrier, I have also flown for a regional, fractional and start-up carrier. My piloting experience includes the 737, A320, 727, Citation Excel, Citation Bravo, Saab 340 and many light singles and twin engine aircraft. I reside in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Mike Weisser says:


    As one who, like you, has renewed my career many times after enduring furloughs at a regional, an LCC, and a legacy, I am looking forward to reading your blog. I admit that I am jealous – not for the pay or the schedule but for the opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting … And even of your airplane (Learjet pilots often fantasize about flying something comfortable) I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading.

  • Greetings. How about you ex FIT folks get in touch with me. The more we know about each other, the better. Retired now and sleep till noon every day. Other than being old, we have similar stories.

    • Yes, I’ve said from the beginning my story is not unique. I just want others who aren’t in aviation to have a better understanding of our profession. My story could be told by thousands of others…

      Congrats on the retirement! Thanks for the comment.

      – Brian

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