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Newhire Training
Welcome back to Miami
October 26, 2010
Miami will always be special to me.  Before I transferred to F.I.T. in Melbourne, I spent my first year of college at the University of Miami in Coral Gables.  It was a great year of school, but it started a little rough.  On the first night, Hurricane Andrew roared through the campus.  While we stayed […]
Newhire Training
Two more weeks in SFO
October 8, 2010
You would think with 2,500 hours of experience in the Airbus A320, I might get a break from the FAA on required training.  No such luck.  When I returned to San Francisco, I started the identical course as my classmates who had no A320 time.  On one hand, I was fortunate that this was a […]
Newhire Training
Starting a new adventure
October 1, 2010
With new-hire class starting on Monday, I planned to travel sometime on Sunday afternoon.  Without an airline ID, my only options were to buy a ticket or fly standby on United.  After ten months of unemployment, cheap won out over practical.   As the date approached, every flight except for the 6:00AM was booked full.  […]