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Fly it and sign it
November 30, 2010
My second IOE trip was scheduled about a week later.  This trip was much shorter than the first.  If all went well, I would receive a sign-off completing my initial training with Virgin America. It was a two day trip: Day one: Deadhead from San Francisco to L.A., then fly to JFK Day two: JFK […]
Flying Stories Newhire Training
Back in the saddle again…again
November 22, 2010
So, after several weeks of indoctrination, ground school, procedure trainers, simulator sessions and check-rides, we’re finally going to go fly the jet. The first few trips are a pilot’s Initial Operating Experience (IOE).  A training captain flies with the pilot to ensure he/she was trained properly in the simulator.  There are also some things that […]
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Wrapping it up in Miami
November 15, 2010
So, you want to come along on an FAA check-ride?  If you’re a seasoned aviation pro, you probably ran away before reaching the end of this sentence.  But, if you do continue to read, please remember this blog was started mainly for family, friends, and up-and-coming aviation students.  It is intentionally drafted for folks with […]
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Finish simulation
November 5, 2010
It was so late that ordering breakfast seemed more appropriate than dinner.  The food was pretty good, and the Denny’s waitress was thrilled to have two sober customers.  Returning to the hotel, it was impossible to sleep on such a full stomach.  Even using the rationale that my body was on Mountain Time, I still […]
Newhire Training
Begin Simulation
November 1, 2010
I was a junior in college the first time I set foot in a full motion flight simulator.  The tour guide allowed each of us to fly the simulator for about fifteen minutes.  I took off, flew around, and attempted a few landings.  Before that evening, the largest thing I’d ever flown was a Piper […]