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January 7, 2011

I started this blog to document my training and first year of employment with Virgin America.  So far, I’ve really enjoyed writing it.  My initial intention was to give family and friends a look inside the life of a new-hire pilot.  Then, it became a little more.

It started when a few close friends had some nice things to say about my story.  They suggested promoting the blog so others interested in aviation might receive a different perspective on the industry.  Thus, the Renewed Pilot Twitter account was born.  I also started posting entry links on my personal Facebook account… always with the caveat of “if you are interested.”

Then, thanks to the help of another friend, the blog link was posted on Aircrew Buzz.  The readership really started to spike and many private emails arrived.  One gentleman in San Francisco even extended an invitation for me to speak at his weekly Civil Air Patrol meeting.  I’m looking forward to finding a Tuesday where our schedules match so I can meet with his group.  I’d never pass up an opportunity to speak with young people about aviation.

With very little promotion, it looks like about seventy of you read this blog on a regular basis.  I feel, at the very least, I should release a post once a week.  But, right now, I’ve got nothing for you.

I am still on reserve out in San Francisco.  Things have been very slow.  I am thankful to work for a company that staffs adequately to keep reserves on the ground.  But, as a result, I really have no stories to share with you.  I’ve already whined a bit about sitting around the Red Roof Inn.  I will not continually post about being bored in a hotel.  🙂  But, for the last few weeks, I have not flown a plane.

During delays, passengers like updates every ten to fifteen minutes.  Even if we have no new news to report, they still like to know the pilots are keeping them in the loop.  Consider this your keeping you in the loop blog post.

I’d like to thank you all for the support of the blog.  When I start flying more, I promise I’ll share some great stories and pictures.  I’ve got lots of ideas for educational posts, but I’d really like to intersperse them with real-life stories.

Thankfully, the phone rang last night with a three day flying assignment.  Tonight, I deadheaded down to LAX for a trip to New York in the morning.  The next day, I will return to LAX and then deadhead up to San Francisco.  If anything of interest comes to mind, I’ll be sure to pass it along to you.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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  • Jesus Calderon says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for the update! Glad to know this nice blog is being so successful and to see you so comitted fith it! Enjoy your upcoming “jumps” and keep up the good work! Happy new year!

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