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Flying Stories
Seeing the light on a red-eye
February 25, 2011
Sometimes, commuting can be enjoyable.  I needed to be in San Francisco by 3:30pm to start my reserve period.  To leave plenty of backups, I chose a flight at 10:20am. Being Sunday, there was no traffic on the interstates around Denver.  (No E470, yeah!) I breezed into the airport in record time.  I found a […]
Pilot Lifestyle
Off reserve
February 17, 2011
I knew I’d find something to write about this week. Currently, I am enjoying some extra time at home with my family.  The timing of this extended break could not have been better.  Between you and me, I was getting a little worn out traveling back and forth to San Francisco so frequently.  I now […]
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Good news?
February 9, 2011
I arrived at the airport early since all the flights to San Francisco were full.  With full flights, I am limited to the jump-seat in the cockpit.  Most aircraft have two, but United 757s only have one.  If I were the only one commuting from DEN to SFO, that wouldn’t be a problem… but, often […]
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Two day trip and a new commitment
February 2, 2011
“How’s everything going up here?” I slowly turned around from my seat in the cockpit.  It definitely wasn’t the captain’s voice.  I fully expected to see the ground agent, lead flight attendant, mechanic, or fuel man.  Instead, our CEO stood smiling in the cockpit entryway. As we spoke, I just assumed he was joining us […]