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Busy, busy, busy…
March 28, 2011
Sorry I have not posted for a few weeks.  As much as I’d love to write more, life gets in the way.  Between commuting, flying, and some home improvement projects, I really have not had much time to sit down and write a post.  Today, I finally had a little free time.  Let me quickly […]
Flying Stories Pilot Lifestyle
What happened to layovers?
March 10, 2011
For the first ten minutes on the elliptical, I think I was still asleep.  It was 3:00 in the afternoon, but I had slept until 2:30.  The day before was busy… I commuted to SFO and operated flights to LAX then Ft. Lauderdale.  We arrived in FLL at 6:00am.  Juniority and red-eye flights go hand […]