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That’s a lot of miles
July 22, 2011

Did you see the story on the news?  A United Airlines customer recently reached the ten million mile mark on his frequent flyer account.  That’s a ton of flying, and a tremendous amount of loyalty displayed towards the legacy carrier.

I have no idea how many miles I’ve flown in my career.  We measure it in hours.  I suppose I could multiply my hours by an average miles per hour.  Then, I’d need to add the thousands of hours I’ve spent commuting on airplanes.  But, I really don’t care.  I think just by writing this paragraph, I’ve already wasted too much time on the subject.

What I do know is that I haven’t spent much time in the same spot over the last few weeks.  I won’t apologize (again) for the lack of posts.  But, if you’ve been checking, you know I haven’t written in awhile.

So, I thought it would interesting to document this period of my life.  You may or may not find it interesting.  However, I’d like to be able to look back years later and remember how busy I was the Summer of 2011.  So, here goes:

June 22-25: I enjoyed four days off, then commuted to SFO on the night of the 25th.

June 26: Flew from SFO to Washington, Dulles.

June 27: Flew from Washington, Dulles to LAX.

June 28: Flew from LAX to Boston.

June 29: Flew from Boston to San Francisco.  Commuted home to Denver on Frontier.  I arrived home about 6:30pm.

June 30: Left Denver at 4:00am in the minivan.  Drove all the way to Nashville, TN for a family vacation. We drove 19 hours.

July 1: Enjoyed the day in Tennessee.  At 10:45pm, arrived at the FedEx terminal at Nashville Airport.

July 2: Departed Nashville for Memphis at the first minute of the day.  Left Memphis at 3:00am and arrived SFO at 5:15am.  The crew was nice enough to drop me off at a parking lot to grab a shuttle to the terminal.  Immediately went to the Red Roof Inn, slept all morning, and reported to work late that afternoon.  (I also slept on most of the second FedEx flight.)  Flew that night to LAX then to Chicago.

July 3: Flew Chicago to LAX.

July 4: Flew LAX to New York.  We arrived in the New York terminal area around 9:15.  I’m not exaggerating when I say we saw a hundred different local firework displays all at the same time.  When we were on final approach for 22L at JFK, the Macy’s display was being launched behind Manhattan.  Very cool.

July 5: Flew New York to Las Vegas then to SFO.  I then commuted back to Las Vegas on Virgin America and grabbed a Southwest flight back to Nashville.  I arrived about 1:00am.

July 6-7: Spent the time in Tennessee catching up on sleep.

July 8: Commuted back to Las Vegas on Southwest then to SFO on Virgin America.  Slept at the Red Roof Inn.

July 9: Flew to LAX then to New York.

July 10: Flew back to LAX.

July 11: Flew to SFO then to Chicago.

July 12: Flew back to SFO.  Finished at 9:30am and thought I was in a great position to commute back to Nashville.  My first option canceled, so I went to Las Vegas to grab a Southwest flight.  Arrived in Nashville around 11:00pm.  Long day.

July 13-14: Really relaxed in Tennessee.

July 15: Loaded up the kids in the van and headed back to Denver.  We were going to leave at 4:00am, but dummy forgot to pick up his dry cleaning on the 14th.  So, we couldn’t leave until a little after 7:00am.  We drove 18.5 hours… record time.

July 16: Commuted from Denver to SFO on a Southwest flight.  Slept at the Red Roof Inn.

July 17: Flew to Orlando.

July 18: Flew to LAX.

July 19: Flew to Ft. Lauderdale.

July 20: Flew to LAX then to SFO.  Finishing up around 12:00, I thought commuting home would be a piece of cake.  I got bumped off the first flight, and the second one canceled.  I was able to make it home on the third flight.  Going back to Nashville may have been faster.

July 21: Woke up at my house and realized I have enough time off to write a blog post.  Going forward, my schedule is a little more mellow.

Mr. Ten Million Miler… I know you’ll never read this… but, on the odd chance you do, I commend you for your energy.  Personally?  I’m drained.

Here’s some pics from the last few weeks:

Nice day in Boston

Get it? (Plane Jane)

Nice sunset while commuting on SWA

Two of my favorite things in LAX

Lake Tahoe

Potable water tank full. I had to find someone to shut it off.

Walking to dinner in Orlando, the plane we brought in departed overhead.


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  • Wow! You do get around. I loved seeing you (and Laurie did too) the two times you were in LA in July! I hope we can keep running into each other like that.

  • Pam Deveau says:

    Hi Brian…I’m just catching up on emails. Just read the last several blogs…that’s quite a schedule. I’m tired just reading it. Spent most of my summer in Maine…not as worldly as you, but I’m not nearly as tired either!!! Love you!

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