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Flying Stories
If I had a hammer…
August 17, 2011
Back in 2000, I was building a patio beneath my elevated deck in Virgina.  I know what you are thinking:  “What does that have to do with aviation?  This is a flying blog, right?”  Keep reading… it is relevant… especially if you are familiar with the FAA’s stringent medical requirements. I’m handy, but not a […]
Aeronautical Randomness
The life cycle of airline hotel contracts
August 8, 2011
Airline pilots joke that the quality of our hotels is inversely proportional to the economy.  When things improve, the nicer hotels throw us out.  Yes, “throw us out” may be a little harsh.  But, they do cancel the lodging contract with the airline… often with short notice.  This sends the airline scrambling to find suitable […]
Flying Stories
Chad and New York: History repeats?
August 1, 2011
Chad found me in the crew room about 10:00pm Wednesday night.  I really enjoyed flying with him the last time, so it was nice to catch up for a few minutes before the red-eye flight to Washington, Dulles.  About 10:30, we followed our flight attendants up to gate 51B to begin our four day trip. […]