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Aeronautical Randomness
When worlds collide
November 30, 2011
Thanksgiving evening, I commuted back out to San Francisco.  When I was originally awarded my November schedule, I thought it was 100% commutable.  I did not take into account the severely reduced flight schedule on the Friday after the holiday.  Although there were two flights that would have worked, they left at the same time.  […]
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What time is it?
November 21, 2011
I’m a really big fan of daylight savings time.  I enjoy the extra hour of evening light during the late spring, summer, and early fall.  I find it a little depressing when it gets dark early. Everyone knows how the time change works.  Well, not everyone.  I had a roommate in college from Indiana.  Prior […]
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Childhood memories
November 15, 2011
I met up with my mom and wife after riding Space Mountain for the second time with my five year old.  My two other girls wanted to ride the big rocket ship attraction.  It was early during our vacation day at the Magic Kingdom. “Are you sure these are your kids?” my mom asked.  “We […]