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I am not running for that flight
February 16, 2012
The trip trade really worked in my favor.  I was scheduled to start a three day trip early Monday morning.  An evening commute and hotel room was planned for Sunday night. Saturday evening, I logged into the company system to check open time.  A trip had become available that caught my attention.  I immediately requested […]
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The most viewed posts on the Renewed Pilot
February 10, 2012
Almost eighteen months have passed since I started the Renewed Pilot.  My initial idea was to author a small blog to bring family and friends into the experience of starting over at a new airline.  Even before I went live, friends suggested I make it available to everyone.  That’s what I did… and, it has […]
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The mindset of a commuting pilot
February 3, 2012
“So, you live here in Colorado but work in San Francisco?” That’s the question everyone asks after a brief discussion about my work.  Yes, I am a commuting pilot.  My work week starts and ends with a flight between Colorado and California.  I commute on a jet… standby… on my own time. Over the years, […]