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Aeronautical Randomness
Flyover States
April 19, 2012
If you don’t listen to country music, you probably haven’t heard Flyover States by Jason Aldean. I’ve heard “flyover states” loosely thrown around by passengers and other crew members.  In my opinion, it is a derogatory term that has been given a “free pass” by the politically correct crowd.  If they’re really worried about “offending” […]
Pilot Lifestyle
De-stressing the commute
April 12, 2012
I’m becoming a huge fan of the stress-free commute.  Even if it takes a little more time, effort and money, I’m starting to take any measures necessary to eliminate the stress. A low pressure system was moving over the Bay Area the morning of my commute.  With low overcast rainy conditions forecast, I knew SFO […]
Aeronautical Randomness
The Meteor Crater
April 5, 2012
When guests visit the cockpit, they almost always comment about “the view.”  They notice the huge windows that offer us more than a one hundred and eighty degree look outside.  If you’ve never sat in a cockpit during flight, it is quite a contrast to the small, oval, side view you see in the cabin. […]