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The LodgeNet App – a must for airline crews
June 7, 2013

As pilots, we spend way too much time in hotels.  Enjoying the television can be a bit of a challenge.  The stations in every city are numbered differently and it takes forever to “flip” through the channels.

Plus, I’ve seen some interesting stains on hotel remote controls.

Recently, another pilot told me about the LodgeNet App.  LodgeNet is the primary provider of television services for the hotels we frequent.  If you are familiar with the app, you can stop reading and wait for the next post.  However, since I receive mostly blank stares when I mention it to other pilots, I’d like to share this information with you.

The app is available for Android and all those “i” devices.  Once installed, there is a $0.99 per year subscription to the program guide. I realize this goes against pilot spending principles and ponying up the fee may cause a cold sweat.  But, unlike actually paying for a newspaper, this app is worth the $.003 a day.

The LodgeNet App - Essential for airline pilots

The LodgeNet App – Essential for airline pilots

Unless you’re really good with the TV buttons, the hotel remote still needs to be handled once.  After powering up the television, selecting “Mobile Remote” will display a unique six digit code.

After scrubbing your hands with soap and water, enter the code into your app.  If successful, the device and the television will display a message that both are synced via the internet.

The “slam clicker” crew member just became a “slam tapper.”

The app will display a full programming guide similar to the ones used by cable and satellite providers. Scrolling up/down/left/right will show all the channels, current shows and listings for later in the day.  The app also allows volume adjustments, powering on/off and purchasing movies.

The LodgeNet App program guide

The LodgeNet App program guide

Your device is automatically disconnected upon checkout.

Could it be any more simple or ingenious?

Note: I received no compensation for recommending this app.  I shared the information in hopes it will improve your life on the road.

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