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Friday giveaway: A320 cockpit panels
January 31, 2014

Recently, I stumbled upon an unopened packet of paper Airbus A320 cockpit panels.  These panels are used by pilots during initial training.  When unfolded and setup correctly, the panels help new pilots memorize switch locations and “cockpit flows.”  (If you’re not familiar with the term, a flow is a memorized series of steps that are performed in the same order each time and usually followed up with a check-list.)

I have no use for these panels.  So, I thought it would be fun to give them away to a blog reader.

These panels help pilots learn switch locations and flows. I’m giving this unopened set to a reader.

I am limiting this to residents of the United States.  I will mail these panels to the US address of your choice.

This will be incredibly simple.  Here’s all you have to do:

First, follow @RenewedPilot on Twitter.

Second, tweet this to all your followers:

The Renewed Pilot Blog is giving away A320 paper cockpit panels. Follow @renewedpilot and visit www.renewedpilot.com for a chance to win.

You may either cut and paste or CLICK HERE to fill in and review the tweet.

The first forty users who follow and tweet the giveaway will be added to the list below.  When the list reaches forty, I’ll randomly pick a winner and contact that user via DM for the shipping address.

Below are a list of users eligible to win the panels.  I will see your tweet and update this list periodically. Please note the “last updated” date and time when looking for your user name.

Last updated: February 5, 2014 @ 21:25Z


  1. @Rob_Chapin
  2. @b737ladypilot
  3. @scote1992
  4. @Flygirl
  5. @deadw
  6. @thatsjustal
  7. @EthanNarber
  8. @WuMedic
  9. @SkyGypsy12
  10. @arnieberlin
  11. @OnlyOneCallery
  12. @dost1k
  13. @Tayster
  14. @tallflying
  15. @kevin_dzioba
  16. @jbice0
  17. @jrandalliv
  18. @rodonnell17
  19. @chitolamb
  20. @trpiii
  21. @Steve_Caffey
  22. @sanchezpamfl
  24. @nickmarc19
  25. @jansavJan
  26. @wasclywabbit
  27. @wbrnjo
  28. @OshTayTay
  29. @COSFlightDesign
  30. @wolrah
  31. **@pketelaar
  32. @Kilonum
  33. @hobbseltoff
  34. @anunez65
  35. @7w4473r
  36. @adamrowden
  37. @Benjomess
  38. @ajuriga
  39. @NathanielBerger
  40. @symngai


A random drawing was conducted using RandomPicker on February 5, 2014.

** Congratulations, @pketelaar! You won the A320 paper cockpit panels.

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There are 7 comments

  • Cedarglen says:

    That sounds like a fun giveaway; someone will be very happy to have them I’m sure. Sadly, I don’t twit.

  • Sylvia Sanchez says:

    I love reading the renewed pilot blog of stories from high above noth America. It is both fun and informative too learn some of the inner workings his dynamic complex industry and I am so excited that I am eligible and in que for some A320 paper cockpit panels. How cool is that!

  • Oluseun Taiwo says:

    This is my favorite Aviation blog(mainly because I am a future aviator)! Anyway, since I didn’t win the drawing I was wondering if there was anywhere I could buy paper panels like those. Anyway thank you so much for your posts!

    • The panels were from training in a previous life. Maybe something similar is available online, but these were company-specific.

      Thanks for the nice words about the blog. Glad to have you along as a reader!

  • We’ve been promised EFB’s for some time at my airline. When they do, I will have to give up my decoupaging.

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