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That “Living the Dream” video…
March 18, 2015

I get a little annoyed when I click on an article and it regurgitates another author’s material.

There are many people making decent money by simply commenting on the works of others.  I find it lazy and unoriginal.

That being said, I will make an exception to pass this video along to you.

Recently, a video created by “Balroc12” was published on YouTube.  I wanted everyone who reads this blog to have the opportunity to see it.

Through animation, the video captures so much of what we experience as airline pilots.

The first few minutes are fun… The segments portray some of the unique interactions we have with less than enlightened folks in the airport.

Midway, the video takes a turn and starts picking on a quirk I’ve been complaining about for years.

There are an overwhelming amount of pilots (and flight attendants) who are incapable of discussing anything other than work.

I’ve mentioned it before… For me, there’s nothing worse than riding in a van at 5am with a bunch of airline crews.

The conversations are always the same:

“Where are you going?”

“Did bids close?”

“I didn’t get my trip trade… there’s no coverage.”

“Why does XXX airlines have it better than us?”

“They don’t pay me enough to do that…”

“That hotel was noisy.”

“Management sucks…”

“The union sucks…”

blah, blah, blah, blah.

Some of us like to go to work, have normal conversations about anything other than work and go home to our family and friends after the trip.

Thank you, Balroc12, for recognizing our plight.

(Although bleeped in several spots, the language in the video may not be safe for work or small children.)

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There are 6 comments

  • Mike says:

    Thing is Brian, I have less than nothing in common with 90% of the people I fly with other than that we share the same profession. I don’t collect guns, I don’t hunt, I don’t know anything about ammunition. I’m not a doomsday prepper. I don’t hate Obama. I know nothing about their church. I don’t care about their ranch in Montana where they raise Alpaca or the turbine Bonanza they bought to get there. I don’t have a 6000 square foot million dollar home on an air park. I don’t have a sailboat that I keep in the Bahamas. I don’t buy gold or trade in foreign currency. I drive the same old beat up airport car I’ve been driving for years. I wasn’t in the military. I’ve never cheated on my wife. I don’t date or otherwise care to comment on the appearance of the flight attendants, And I don’t like football.

    Which leaves us with. “Sooo… Do you live near the airport? Do you like… stuff? (sigh) So what do you think of the contract?”

    • Point taken. But, I love that part of the video because the captain grunts at the first two questions. Then, launches when he brings up the contract.

      • Eric Auxier says:

        Haha, that was my favorite part as well, because it’s so true! We do all come from all walks of life, and you get the tirades from the far Left-wingers, the far Right-wingers (much more common) and the contract-haters!

        At first I thought you might be referring to someone copying MY original “Living the Dream” video, which still has some good traction (but not nearly as viral as this new one…next time, I’ll do it with Legos! LOL): http://vimeo.com/capnaux/livinthedream

        Eric “Cap’n Aux” Auxier

        • Hey Eric… As you probably figured out, I wasn’t referring to anyone copying material.

          I was referring to bloggers who make a living doing what I did in this post. They take a piece of original material (the video) and write an article commenting on that material. I figured I’ve posted enough original stuff that I could get away with it this one time. 🙂

  • Cedarglen says:

    Ho-Hum. Point made and noted – and no harm done. That said… I much prefer reading your original words. -CG

  • Ed says:

    This would be equally as entertaining for anyone who spends a lot of time in the airport.

    If I ever fly commercially, I’d consider that to be living the dream, but I wonder if pilots get jaded after a while?

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