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Welcome to the Renewed Pilot Blog

Since 1996, I have worked as a professional pilot in the United States.

When I started this site, I’d flown for a commuter airline, a major airline, a fractional and then back to that same major airline.  What started as a dream-come-true turned out to be a huge career flop.  The first few posts of my blog document the ups and downs of “the lost decade.”

In August 2010, after my second furlough and ten months of unemployment, I renewed my career by starting over at the bottom of another seniority list.  The blog chronicled my journey as a pilot of the new, innovative airline.

It was an enjoyable three and a half years.

In March 2014, I decided to give that legacy airline one last try.  I felt that flying for the newly merged corporation was the best option for me and my family.  Only time will tell.  Nobody has a crystal ball in the airline industry.  We never know if we made the right choice(s) until we turn sixty five years old.

Today, I juggle a family, commute and busy flying schedule.  I try to share my stories along the way.

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